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Our Household Pest Control provides safe, effective protection for your home and family by stopping insects before they come in.

Household pest control services

Household Pest Control is an essential service to keep bugs outside where they belong. In our tropical climate, bugs are an inevitable part of life. Sherlock Homes practices what is known as integrated pest control, which means we use minimal spray treatments, combined with non-chemical services, and helping our customers to develop cultural practices that will minimize pest activity in and around your home.

Why Treat Outside?

A perimeter spray is the cornerstone of our Household Pest service. This creates a protective barrier that helps stop a variety of insects such as ants and roaches before they enter your home. Various other insect-related debris can build up around the exterior of homes that do not have pest service, such as spider webs, wasp nests, mud daubers, and chrysalises. Your technician will brush down areas of your home that are prone to these problems like entryways, eaves, windows, and screen/cage supports.

What About the Inside?

While all the products we use are safe for your family and pets, we do want to minimize their use indoors to when there is an active issue to treat. The perimeter spray will minimize those issues, but they will occasionally happen. Any time you see a live insect inside, you are covered. Call us as soon as you are able and we will be out to you within 24-48 hours. Your technician will apply the proper products in the affected areas to clear up any issues.

What other kinds of pest related issues can Sherlock Homes help with?

One of the best parts of having a home in Florida is being able to have palm trees and/or fruit trees in your yard. One of the downsides to that is those are food sources for mice and rats. Sherlock Homes can help minimize rodent activity around your home to reduce the risk of their being an interior problem. Ask your account coordinator about our rodent reduction program.

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