About Our Company – Sherlock Homes Pest Control & Irrigation

About Our Company

Established in 1995

Sherlock Homes Pest Control and Irrigation has deep roots in our community. Our staff has served Lee, Collier, and Charlotte counties in one form or another since 1988. We are a local, family owned business looking to serve our community with the best service and products available in our industry.

About our Owner

Jeff Bender was raised on a family run 36-hole golf course, which led him to pursue a degree in Horticulture. He has operated irrigation, lawn care, and pest control companies in our community since 1988. In 2015, he sold his business to partner with a larger company. During this time, he learned a good deal but became disenfranchised with the increasingly corporate
direction of his new employer.

How Sherlock Homes Came To Be

After several years, Jeff felt compelled to get back to his roots with a company that was focused on customized service centered around the customer’s needs rather than corporate decision-making and budgetary restrictions. You could say that Sherlock decided to venture from Scotland Yard and found his way home.  A team has been assembled of top professionals that are eager and willing to help protect your home and family from pests and make your lawn as beautiful as possible. and would love to have the opportunity to serve you.

We thank you for considering Sherlock Homes Pest Control and Irrigation and would love to have the opportunity to serve you. 


At Sherlock Homes our goal is to provide top level, professional service, with the best products available at an affordable price.


Sherlock Homes is all about community. We are your neighbors and want you to think of us as such. We want to provide customized services that specifically address the issues you have and prevent common issues that impact us all.