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Palm tree Services

Palm trees are a common element of most Florida dream homes

Don’t let your investment in these beautiful landscape focal points go to waste.

Palm tree services

For many people, palm trees are a key landscape element for their Florida home. What most people do not realize is that several of the most popular varieties of palm trees are not native to Florida, so they do not get the nutrition they need to stay beautiful from our soil. These trees are cultivated in green house or nursery environments, where they are meticulously cared for before being installed in your yard. They become accustomed to regular feeding and care but are far too often then forgotten upon installation.

Sherlock Homes has a quarterly palm program that will provide your trees with the proper nutrients to help them stay beautiful and green. The quarterly service will also provide insect control and disease monitoring.

If you have a palm tree that looks like any of these please schedule an assessment today.

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